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Steve starts with his initial consultation gratis.

He learns what the clients needs and objectives are, as well as gives the clients ideas at this meeting. Once the client engages Steve as a consultant, he then works on Due Diligence. This entales seeing if there may be any circumstantial issues. These include property setback encroachments, easements, building to lot coverage rations, parking requirements, ADA handicapped accessibility (If applicable),  minimum pervious lot coverage and site drainage. Once all of these have been addressed (where applicable), Steve will then work with the client in coming up with preliminary plan drawings.

In this design stage, Steve will come up with preliminary designs based on input from the client, as well as suggestions he has to offer. In doing the drawings, Steve uses a relatively new architectural software called REVIT ( This program was recently acquired by Autodesk, the developer and owner of Autocad, the current industry standard ). REVIT is a Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) system that he uses to do various things such as  3-D Rendering, Cutaway Views, Shaded Views and Perspective Drawings. This makes looking at architectural drawings easier for the client to see and understand, in comparison to the conventional 2-D floor plan and elevation drawings.

Once the client is satisfied and approves these drawings, and is ready to bring these to completion, Steve then brings his team into the picture, which consists of a certified Architect, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Structural Engineers. He is the liaison between them and the client. Where needed, he also follows thru with building review officials before the the plans are submitted. After the Building Contractor has submitted the signed and sealed plans and there are comments back from the reviewer(s), Steve will follow up and do everything needed to expedite getting the Building Permit. He is the laison between the client and the others. He can be reached at any time and returns messages promptly. He is with the client from project conception to project completion and that is why in his eight years of business, he has many satisfied clients. – (References available upon request).



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