A client originally put an offer on three condo units of the six units on the penthouse floor for a condominium building that was to be built. Using the exterior shell, walls and windows, as well as the unit walls and common areas as parameters, Steve designed everything that the client wanted. One of the main features of the original version was unblocked views from one end of the condominium unit to the other end in two directions,  one end being 108 feet across. Another feature was having an upper storey that was accessed by stairway as well as elevator. The main feature was having  cathedral shaped hallways, lined with arch vaults and art niches, with a second floor balcony encircling an atrium, with a glass dome above.

Because costs were greater than anticipated, a revised version was designed having the space of two condominium units instead of three, but yet still achieving almost everything the larger space had.



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